Still Crazy General Who Is Dr. Paul Drago: Your ENT Specialist In Town

Who Is Dr. Paul Drago: Your ENT Specialist In Town

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More than three decades have passed since Dr. Paul Drago first entered the medical field. Everything started when he decided to get his EMT certification from the Institute of Emergency Medicine in New York City. Drago then attended the University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 1985 after minoring in chemistry. He then spent the next five years honing his medical education at The Ohio State University.

He has conducted extensive literature reviews and original studies. His research has been published in academic and medical periodicals. Dr. Paul Drago is dedicated to helping people, and families get the information they need to make healthy choices. Dr. Drago is also actively involved in non-profits that advocate for exercise, healthy eating, and overall health. His religion has sent him on several missions, and he has used his medical training to help others in need.

Pursuing The Career Of Otolaryngology

You may have heard about the importance of the ear and nose. But did you know that these parts of your body are not just for listening and smelling? They are also involved in many other vital functions, such as breathing and keeping your body’s temperature stable. If these things are not functioning correctly, it can lead to serious health problems.

The ear, nose, and throat are responsible for many things. The nose helps with breathing but also has other jobs, such as smelling odors or detecting infections in the skin. In addition, the ear canal plays a vital role in protecting the inner ear from bacteria by preventing them from entering through tiny holes at the top of your head called Eustachian tubes. The primary duties of an ENT Specialist include the following:

• Providing care for patients with hearing loss and related disorders
• Performing otoscopic procedures on the ear canal or middle ear
• Performing tympanometry on the middle ear
• Performing laser surgery on the eardrum

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