Still Crazy General What’s Needed To Become A Successful Billing Specialist Like Dr John Manzella

What’s Needed To Become A Successful Billing Specialist Like Dr John Manzella

What’s Needed To Become A Successful Billing Specialist Like Dr John Manzella post thumbnail image

If you’re considering a career as a billing specialist, it is highly recommended. Billing specialists provide billing services to various industries. It’s a great job, and there are so many different paths to take when it comes to your career.

You can do anything from working for an insurance company to working for private practices, etc. No matter what you choose, the road will be a long one. You have to put in countless hours to become great at your trade. But the journey is very enjoyable because there are so many things that make you money along the way.

Communication Skills

In any job, communication skills are important. The billing specialist needs to be able to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.

The ability to think quickly on your feet is also essential. You’ll be working in an environment where things can change quickly, so you must be able to adapt accordingly.

Math Skills

To be a successful billing specialist like Dr John Manzella, you’ll need to have strong math skills. You will be calculating numbers and ratios all day long. You will also need to know how to count money and check it for errors.

Additionally, you should have an understanding of basic algebra so that you can solve simple problems on your own.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is essential for a billing specialist. You need to be able to follow instructions and pay close attention, especially when it comes to the details of what you’re doing.

If there are multiple tests performed during one visit (such as blood work), make sure all of those charges are added up correctly–the patient may only have been expecting one charge but ended up with several on their bill!


Thanks for reading! Hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what it takes to become a successful billing specialist. As mentioned earlier, there are many different paths to take when entering this field, but no matter what route you choose, it’s important to be good at math and pay attention to details.

Dr John Manzella If you feel like this sounds like something that interests you, then we encourage you to explore some of our other articles on becoming an accountant or financial analyst!

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