Still Crazy Service Explore Madrid’s Top Attractions with Segway Tours

Explore Madrid’s Top Attractions with Segway Tours

Explore Madrid’s Top Attractions with Segway Tours post thumbnail image

Madrid is a city with an array of cultural, historical, and traditional landmarks that entice travellers from all around the world. Sometimes, these landmarks can become overcrowded with tourists, and it can be challenging to avoid crowds. That’s where Madrid Segway Tours come into play. Not only can you avoid the crowds, but you can also explore the city’s hidden gems with Segway tours. Segway, an eco-friendly mode of transportation, has become hugely popular in the city. These tours offer visitors an incredible chance to experience Madrid from a different perspective – off the beaten track.

Here are some of the hidden gems you can discover with Madrid Segway Tours:

1. Casa de Campo Park: One of Madrid’s most significant green spaces, Casa de Campo, is a fabulous park that offers visitors an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With Segway tours, you can explore the park’s hidden corners, lakes, and majestic flora and fauna. Alongside these tranquil sites, you can also discover adventurous activities such as zip-lining, go-karting, and quad-biking.

2. MalasañaNeighborhood: Malasaña is a trendy neighbourhood in Madrid that is home to a vast array of cafes, vintage stores, and art galleries. With Segway tours in Malasaña, you can explore the lively streets and graffiti art covering the walls. Furthermore, you can visit the famous Gran Via, which is a stunning tourist attraction.

3. El Retiro Park: This stunning park is one of Madrid’s most popular tourist attractions. However, with Segway tours, you can explore its peaceful surroundings and discover its hidden gems, such as the Crystal Palace, the rose garden, and the boating lake.

4. Las LetrasNeighborhood: Las Letras is a charming neighbourhood that houses Spain’s most prominent literary figures. With Segway tours in Las Letras, you can explore its beautiful architecture, delicious eateries, and antique shops. You can also visit the neighbourhood’s most famous landmarks such as the Prado Museum and the Spanish National Library.

5. Lavapiés: Lavapiés is a multicultural neighbourhood that is home to Madrid’s diverse population. With Segway tours in Lavapiés, you can experience its vibrant atmosphere and discover the area’s hidden plazas and terraces. You can also try out different cuisines from around the world at the famous El Rastro flea market.


Segway Tour Madrid Tours offers visitors a chance to step off the typical tourist path and discover the city’s hidden gems. From beautiful parks to trendy neighbourhoods, Segway tours are an excellent way to explore the city in an eco-friendly way. So, if you’re visiting Madrid anytime soon, don’t forget to book a Segway tour and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the city’s hidden corners.

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